Why a Silent Disco?

Why a Silent Disco?​

A Silent Disco is our favourite way to end a festival event! Local authority noise restrictions often state that amplified music must end at 23.00 but you’re not ready to finish dancing yet are you? The beauty of a silent disco hire from The Silent Disco Hire Company is that there is no noise pollution meaning you can keep partying right up until your bar closes! A perfect entertainment option for your guests whether they are 3 or 103!  A silent disco creates the perfect atmosphere for sing along memories. The three channels of audio can be seamlessly cycled through, meaning there’s always something playing that you’ll love! Also, if you fancy a good laugh, slip your headphones off and listen to everyone singing the words (hahaha)Having a silent disco in a field also means that you’re not limited to partying in one space, our sets have ample radio reception meaning you can dance around the bonfires if you like! Take in the beauty of the bohemian log displays and the gentle twinkling of the fairy lights, all whilst belting that high note from Abba’s ‘dancing queen’.If you’ve never experienced the fun of a silent disco before than you are in for a real treat and if you have you’ll already know exactly why there are so much fun! #LetsCelebrate​

What Package is Right for You?

What Package is Right for You?​

Here at Corporate Events International, we supply our clients with 3 different package options when hiring from us. Choosing which package is right for you is crucial for the success of your silent disco!  Sometimes we hear from clients who have hired Silent Discos many times before and know exactly how they work. It would be silly of us to charge for members of staff to come and run the disco for you if you already know exactly how to do it. As our systems run off small jack inputs (3.5mm) you can easily attach iPods or laptops and stream your own playlists in the disco! If this is you then I would suggest our hire only package, all you need is the pre knowledge of how the systems operate and the music you wish to play. If you don’t want the hassle of providing your own music we can hire you pre-loaded iPods with a wealth of choice on them already so just plug in and dance!So you’ve partied at a silent disco many times but have no idea of how it works? Ok we’ve got you covered with our full hire and operation package. We can supply one of our trained professionals to come and set up your system for you. They will then stay on site and make sure everything is running smoothly. We can either hire you preloaded iPods full of tunes ready to go or you can supply your own. Maybe it’s time to pitch your mates against each other in a battle of the playlists!? So you want to recreate those Glastonbury memories in big style? You’re thinking light shows and DJ battles? Well it looks like our Full Hire and DJ package is for you! We supply everything you need including the Silent Disco system, a light show and a team to operate it and set it up as well as a top class DJ to spin the tunes for you all night, any requests? Just ask!  With a Silent Disco Hire from The Silent Disco Hire Company you can be sure to keep your party rocking late into the night! #LetsCelebrate​

To DJ or not to DJ?

To DJ or not to DJ?​

The beauty of a silent disco hire from The Silent Disco Hire Company is that there are many ways to make your silent disco your own. You could choose to pre plan your music options for the evening with playlists that you can easily stream into our systems via iPods or laptops. Or perhaps you fancy yourself as a budding DJ and have your own equipment? All of our systems run from standard 3.5mm headphone jacks so it’s easy to get the music you love transmitted to everyone at your party!We can also offer DJ’s as part of the package so you can go for the more traditional DJ battle and have a competition between DJ’s to see who can get the biggest singalong! Anyone who has been to a big Silent Disco at a public festival like Reading & Leeds will know how funny they can be! Having a DJ control the tunes is completely hassle free so you can just concentrate on the dancing (and singing).Whether you see yourself as a budding DJ or not we will have the perfect solution for your hire here at The Silent Disco Hire Company. Our excellent service and unbeatable rates keep our clients returning year after year! See you on the dancefloor! #LetsCelebrate​




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